Winning Blackjack hand with bet. Photo credit: Getty Images

Blackjack Stats has a long history on the internet. It was first born in 2001 and I purchased it from the original owners some years later. The web hosting did not renew at one point and the Blackjack Data Repository website went offline.

I created this new blackjack guide to educate fellow blackjack players on the best ways to play 21 for real money. There are also subtle differences between playing black jack in a real casino versus playing blackjack online. On BJ Stats I write articles on proper betting techniques. Learn the best blackjack strategy to use for different table rules and situations the modern blackjack player is faced with.

Blackjack Stats’ Beginning

I learned how to count cards at a pretty young age. As an entrepreneur most of my life I started creating websites in the early 2000’s. I was already a fan off blackjack and casinos in general so I focused my website development around internet casinos. 20 year’s later and I’m still building new projects on the web.

I love playing 21 and its easily my favorite casino game. But I can’t stand casinos that cheat skilled blackjack players. Its one of my pet peeves I guess you could say. I take a careful review of all internet gambling sites before they can be approved for a review on I work as an affiliate of the casinos listed on Blackjack Stats and earn commissions for our advertising services provided to the online casinos and blackjack gambling sites that appear on

Play Blackjack Online

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