explains to you the most popular versions of the world’s favorite casino game. Learn about playing single deck versus double deck blackjack and how to play each game the right way. Players seeking real money games can look over our list of the best sites for playing blackjack online.

With single deck blackjack there is only 1 deck of cards. Since there is just one deck of cards there is only 1 of each card to remember. Single deck blackjack is theoretically the best version of blackjack to play for professionals and card counters. However, I say theoretically because the casinos have changed up the odds of the game in most places so that blackjack only pays 6 to 5 on single deck games. Another trick that casinos pull is placing the cut card in the middle of the deck which removes the counters edge.

Because of this, many skilled blackjack players prefer playing on double deck blackjack tables. There are 2 of each card in double deck black jack so its still countable for blackjack players who are in the know on how to count cards using the hi lo counting system. With double deck games the casinos place the cut card a little deeper than they do with single deck so that’s a plus. Also, because there are two of each card the advantage player can play more hands and get a better count.

Free Blackjack Games

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Blackjack Variations

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