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I have created a new marketing service for online businesses called BJ Stats Pro. With PRO, you can publish high quality original content, add logos & game photos, share videos and reach a greater audience of blackjack players and internet gamblers on that visit us from all over the world.

Content published by BJ Pro members is open to the public for everyone to read (unless you set it as private or restricted). Membership is not required to read content or leave comments on this website. These features are open to everyone so you will be able to reach your targeted demographic and engage without them having to sign up for another online service. has established content guidelines that all members are required to follow when adding new content to out website. This helps to ensure we provide our readers with original and up-to-date content they can easily understand and benefit from reading. Duplicate content is not allowed.

Blog posts must be a minimum of 400 words and include at least 1 featured image. BJ Stats POR blog posts can contain no more than 3 web links and must cite at least one trusted authority on the web. You have complete control if you need to place a nofollow tag on a web link (or not). Blog posts have a maximum number of 4 images that can be included in a post (this include the required feature image). also has a groups feature for sharing press releases, news and short form content. All web links from the BJ stats groups are set to nofollow by default.

Click Here to become a BJ Stats Pro member and get started publishing quality original content on

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