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Online Blackjack Rules

Want to learn how to play blackjack? Start with learning blackjack rules first.

I’ve been playing blackjack for nearly 25 years. As a blackjack superfan I can talk on and on about the game for hours.

Hence, time to create a blackjack website where I can share my thoughts with other black jack super fans.

Introducing Blackjack Stats ( BJstats originally began in 2001 and has a long history of providing players with statistics on the game in every scenario possible.

The original blackjack stats website also had a helpful blackjack calculator. We’re planning on bringing one back to the new Blackjack Stats site very soon.

The rules of blackjack games can vary from casino to casino and sometimes even from one table to the next within the same gambling parlor.

Pay close attention to the table’s rules before you site down and hand over your money. There are certain blackjack table games which offer better rules and odds for you as the player. These are the the right BJ games to site down and play.

Look for a table where the rules state that the dealer stands on all 17’s including soft 17. This one rule alone will save you lots of money in the long run so always choose games where the dealer must stand on all 17’s.

How to Play Blackjack

The general rules of blackjack are pretty simple and straight forward.

  • If you go over 21 you “bust” and automatically lose.
  • If the dealer busts you automatically win if you did not bust.
  • If your blackjack hand total is greater than the dealer’s you win.
  • If your blackjack hand total is lower than the dealer’s you’ve lost.
  • If your hand and the dealer’s hand have equal value its a tie, no wins or losses.
  • The dealer must draw to 17.

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